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Guidelines for batteries (chargers, use and storage)

    Battery is a storage energy which is DC voltage - a “jar" contains electricity. There are many types of battery with very different quality, functionality and price. (lead acid, sealed air, lead dry, cadium, niken, Lithium,...). For each category of baterry of each company has strict rules about use, storage and processing of different chargers. Requirements when buying and using we must have full knowledge of selected battery.

On the market, we should choose the type of good quality battery to buy. Avoid buying types of low quality battery(bad) but initial prices are cheap and damage and cause trouble in the process of using and the last that you actually pay the high costs.

The charger mode (power load)

-          Selecting the appropriate charger for battery is an especially important factor. To ensure both durability and really full.

-          Generally standard load curent must be stable from 1/10 to 1/5 battrey capacity(except some special battery, allowing faster loading with technical materials accompanying). Standard time to charger an battery usually from 8 to 12 hours.

-          If the selected small chargering cyrent(compared to capacity), the battery will full in a long time; however, it is more durable and really "full".

-          Conversely, if the chargering load curent is too big(compared to capacity) it is full quickly but the battery will quickly be damaged and the phenomenon of full artificially. It can even be explosive when charging with too strong curent.

-          When battery is fully, it must must disconnect or transfer the load to maintain a period of following time (Floating charge) to battery really full (this feature in chareger device is often simply not available).

-          With some of the battery charger must be monitoring the temperature closely.


Using battery

-          Not to place battery where temperature is too high to prevent the over heat.

-          To place battery where ventilation. Where is the right firm.

-          Avoid shorting circuit of the battery or to fall the conductor relieve extreme 2 poles of battery

-          Not to place battery near the chemicals corrode.

-          No to the prod, not to dross battery.

-          Note: The maximum let out curent is not over 3 times the capacity and the time in this mode is not more than 3 minutes continuously.


1.      Check shake on cover skin. (especially the area around bond of pole, which are often subject to large forces when removing the cable or attached to). Need to change if it has any shake.

2.      Check the cable connector. Replace connecting cables if necessary.

3.      Clean the bonds. Check bonds and cable to sure where the is not liquid (as the attention to hygiene and attention to the extreme to touch each other (Cole / Tua-no-vit ...)

4.      Regularly check the level of translation in comments. Ensure the level and concentration of water as directed by the manufacturer battery.

5.      For sealed air baterry will check through the eyes directed. Green is good and full. Red is weak.

Guidelines for batteries (chargers, use and storage)
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