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How to install and operate the Automatic voltage stabilizer

1. Installing and operating machine:

Step 1: Connect automatic voltage stabilizer with the power source.

-          Check the cover for not intact. Read the user guide and review the material is appropriate power machines or not. Check stamp seal and warranty notes was not sufficient.

-          Set in the dry, cool place. Locate machine to be sure.

-          Disconnect power supply before the sustainability of the electricity grid.

-          input wire power of the settlement is large enough to be sure and ensures the operation of noisy pressure and save electricity. How to calculate and select section on-demand capacity.

-          To ensure electrical safety for people and equipment should be connected cover to ground (for settlement of a phase).

-          As for the settlement of 3 phase ground line (neutral) must be linked very sure guarantee the machines can work normally.

-          After full implementation of the steps above you can open and the power switch (ON / OFF) boot to automatic voltage stabilizer and perform checking the operation of machines (of the output voltage, input curent).

Step 2: Using

When connecting the output of automatic voltage stabilizer devices need to note:

-          Output Voltage of equipment to correct with the output of consistent automatic voltage stabilizer.

-          Power of devices must be less than 2.2 KW for the socket at the front.

-          Behind alley has 3 positions. Ground wire (0V) is placed in the middle, one side of a 110V,  other side of a 220V. With the lane, you can use the full power of the machine.

2 The need to know:

-          If the machine is overloaded use (power devices use too large).

§     For small power device fuse(AC FUSE) will be broken. You need to change new one with corect value and reduce the load.

§     For hight power CB will break. You need to check and reduce load before rebooting.

§     Remember the output power of automatic voltage stabilizer satisfied by changing the voltage. Be performed by the graphs – Input voltage as reduce the output power of the machine as the reduction.

-          Over voltage protection system was designed with electronic for the machine with power over 3KVA. Ensure safe device and equipment in all cases.

-          Auto reset circuit ensures soft boot for all machine with wide range of activities to create safety for equipment and voltage stabilize (against electric shock).

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