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On grid solar power system - AST(According to European standards)

This is an electronic equipment which is designed and manufactured by Viet Linh Manufacturring and Trading Electric-Electronic Co., ltd with switching technology and advanced microprocessors. Along with the Solar panels, GTSI device becomes the most modern PV system to transform solar energy (or wind energy) to AC power (220V-50Hz) directly to the national grid. This is an outstanding achievement of our AST company in recent years. Open up access to use of new renewable energy in our country to a new level. It can compare with the development and use of renewable energy rushing around the world today. The system includes: Solar panels, GTSI, grid and load are used (See picture)

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 Hình 1. Grid Solar Power System installations in Vietnam

Description of activities:

v When there is no sunlight: (At night or when cloud cover) The solar panels can’t produce electricity so load will use electricity from the grid normally. At this time, the index of W0 will fully indicate the consumption power of the load that you are using W2.

When there is the sunlight:  Solar panels will generate DC power . GTSI convers DC power from solar panels into AC power for the grid ( W1 ). The more sunlight the more electricity from solar panel.

v The GTSI is designed to power from the sun always have priority use on the load and the installation and investment power system solar not affect normal electricity as before .

Above diagram shows that: electricity index that buying from grid W0’s by the difference

of load consumption W2 and energy of solar system W1.


- So if we invest solar system (W1) bigger, the power we have to buy from the grid ( W0 ) and declining.

- In case power of load is less than the power of ouput solar system, the excess power of solar system will be " pumped " back to the grid. When the electricity meter is equal in the direction to go in or out of power, it will appear on the meter value is decreased .

v when there is no electricity, system GTSI’ll stop operations to ensure the safety of the power grid.

      Note : The fact there  is not W1 and W2 meter. Wiring from W0 is going straight to the load and AC output of GTSI . W1 and W2 meter in the above diagram is only used to illustrate the described operation of the system only. ( W1 meter is displayed on GTSI )

  Advantages of Grid Tie Solar Inverter System

(solar power system on grid)


-         The GTSI not use battery : thus eliminates the need to use the materials and environmental pollutants such as lead , lithium , ... and also reducing the cost of investment and maintenance for the system Acuu system .It’s a renewable energy system sustainable modern environmentally friendly is being developed worldwide .

-         The GTSI’s the most efficient equipment of electricity production from solar ( or wind ) due to its acquisition , change and supplements directly to the grid without loss on reserve battery .

-         The GTSI durable , long-term : Due to the machine always be operated in parallel with the grid so that every mutation of load or voltage on the line and the power supply can not directly impact on it . The life time of the system is the life of the solar panel and the advanced electronic components can be from 35-40 years .

-         The GTSI can be widely applied to all places such as households , offices and units where  are the national grid .

-         The GTSI is essentially a form of synchronous generator to the grid . Therefore, if deployed in large numbers will become a supply system installed and distributed at the point of consumption. This will greatly reduce the consumption of energy loss in the transmission system public .

-         The installation and use of simple , cost of maintenance is almost zero, since it shows that the calculation of effective initial investment compared to the actual deployment , the audit is very certain, no risk .

-         System GTSI always willing to upgrade and expand the capacity at any time or place, and with any level of investment.

-         In the near future the government will accept electricity trading in market mechanism and the price of fossil fuels such as coal, oil , gas rising so electricity prices will rise significantly. So the development of the solar power system is to invest wisely and make sure .

-         About finacial:

You can start building the initial investment for each system GTSI at small costs . Example : With an investment of 2500 USD ( 50 million VND ) investors have been able to reduce the consumption of about 1800 to 2000 kWh / year . With electricity prices currently around 2200d / KWh we will recover approximately 4-5 million VND / year . So if you invest in the system we need 10-13 years to recover capital and the amount accumulated in 25 years will be the profit. However , our  prediction in 2015 electricity prices can be up to 4000D / kWh and the payback period will only be 8 to 10 years . This is an extremely favorable factor for the mobilization of resources to invest in developing the solar system extensively in residential communities .

-       The more Investment in solar system the price per unit ( KWP ) decreasing and increasing efficiency - reducing the payback period . These systems are particularly effective for the unit is to buy electricity at high prices as restaurants , hotels, resorts , office , ...

The specifications , prices and system invites application form please refer to the website or contact Consulting , development of the company .

Investment in solar power system is wise and sure ! Do you still hesitate ?

              AST July  09th , 2009


Using on grid solar power system with the current conditions in Vietnam

     –  Currently due to the legal system of our country is not yet accepted the acquisition of power from the Grid solar inverter System so we must connect the solar power system according to the above diagram ( Figure 1 )

     – Because of the power meter’s now only sell electricity rotary direction ( going out ), do not buy electric rotary direction ( going on ) so the capacity of the solar system we provide more than load consumption the balance of power from solar power will automatically pushed to the national grid and we become unwilling to charity .

     However, there’re legitimate choice and prudence in this moment, we only calculate the installed capacity of solar power system grid’s always less than or equal to the capacity of the used load to reduce power consumption from the grid and there is no balance of power - pumped into the grid .

     The essence’s that we still used and have to buy electricity from the grid, but will buy less. Be assured that the installation of solar power systems mentioned above will absolutely not affect the normal use our power as ever.

     With solar power system’s designed such that we took advantage of a thorough energy generated by the system for the purposes of its own immediate self. While helping to reduce the burden of the power sector during rush hours.

     Grid solar power system’s particularly suitable for investment unit is which have to buy at high prices in the rush hours from 7 am to 5 pm as hotels, supermarkets, resort or room for rent , ...

     In the near future when state policy changes, accept purchase electricity from solar power systems , wind power , we will install solar power systems according to the following diagram (Figure 2 ) . At this time we’re no longer restricted investment: As large investment as effective.

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Figure 2. The Grid solar inverter System according to EC standards .


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